Best Power Bank

So do you Have smartphone, but its battery is horrible or You are a Heavy phone user or anything like that…..Now if you need Power Bank for such situation Then you are on right website because today here we are going see some Power bank that can help in your Mobile Battery Use.Talking more about Power bank is that you should always take high ‘mAh’ Power bank So you can always keep up running.

So here are Best Power Bank that comes over 10000mAh battery

1. Xiaomi Mi Power Bank (10400 mAh)

Xiaomi Mi Power Bank

The Mi Power Bank 10400 uses state-of-the-art chipsets which are not only safer but also improve the charging conversion rate for each of your devices.It

stabilizes the discharge voltage with advanced capacity sensors to optimize durability and efficiency.Optimized charging/discharging efficiency.World-class chips not only are safer, but also improve charging conversion rate and stabilize discharging voltage with advanced resistance-capacitance sensors to optimize efficiency and durability.


2.Intex IT-PB11K 11000 mAh Power Bank

Intex IT-PB11K 11000 mAh Power Bank

Gets charged up reasonably quickly with a 2A charger(about 6 hours) Haven’t tried to charge with a 2.1 A charger yet though the company says it is OK. In discharging over a week, I could get 7500 mah in total(2 cycles of testing so far) Not bad but not brilliant either.

The main problem is that unlike my Asus Power Bank or my PNY Power Bank, this does not seem to slow down its charging of a phone during the last stage(85% and up) even when you use a battery app like Du Battery on the phone. Because of this, there is heating up and probably some damage to the phone battery(Note 2 in my case) over the last stage.

3.Adata PT100 power bank (10000 mAh)

Adata PT100 power bank (10000 mAh)

The PT100 Power Bank offers high-capacity 10000mAh charging via two USB outlets. Charge your smartphone and tablet simultaneously and quickly. Use your PT100’s handy LED flashlight to light up your mobile life!Quite like others in the list, this power bank also offers 10000mAh charging via two USB outlets. An LED Torch light positioned at the back lets users use 4 different lighting modes with just a press of a button.


4.Boat BPR100 (10000 mAh)

Boat BPR100 (10000 mAh)

Charge your devices on the go with this boAt BPR 10000 mah power bank. This power bank has a capacity of 10,000 mAh. It offers two charging ports of 5V each with an output of 1A and 2.1 A respectively. This power bank features a power button along with a small display screen which indicates battery levels. The micro USB port provides connectivity to most handheld devices.


5.OnePlus Power Bank (10000 mAh)

OnePlus Power Bank (10000 mAh)

The OnePlus Power Bank supplies 10,000 mAh of power, enough to provide three full charges for your OnePlus One. Dual USB ports enable two electronic devices to be connected and charged simultaneously, with plenty of juice for smartphones, tablets, and more. Make sure your electronic arsenal is always ready when you are.


So I hope that I help you in picking up the Best Power Bank and If yes Than please rate Us in the below Box.