Strongest Man In The World

Hi Guess Back with another new article and today the topic is little bit different from rest of all my articles.Todays article I will be showing you the Top 5 Strongest Man In The World so let get started.I made this listbecause of his overall importance to the competitive field of strongmen events.

Top 5 Strongest Man In The World.

5. Magnus Ver Magnusson

Strongest Man In The World

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This Icelandic competitor joined fellow countryman Jon Pall Sigmarsson as the second four-time champion from the small Scandinavian nation. He ranks higher on this list due to the impressive nature of his victories and the elevated level of competition during his era.

In his first six trips to the competition, Magnusson never finished below 2nd place, ranking him as truly one of the greatest in the history of strongman competition. He retired in 1997 after failing to reach the final, by one point, in his seventh trip to the WSM competition.

4. Brian Shaw
 Strongest Man In The World

American Brian Shaw is the current reigning World’s Strongest Man, having won his third overall title at the 2015 event in Malaysia. This third victory ties Shaw with the next man on this list for most wins by an American since the competition began in 1977.

At 6’8” and over 400 pounds, Shaw is a looming presence, and with his third title at the age of 33, he may be entering his prime and ready to defend his title. This colossal man credits his success to a dedicated training regimen and a ridiculous EIGHT meals a day.

3. Bill Kazmaier

Strongest Man In The World

Born in 1953, this American strongman won three consecutive WSM titles in 1980, 1981, and 1982. Rumor has it he was barred from competing in 1983 because the event coordinators felt he was too good to make the competition interesting. He returned five years later but failed to recapture his title-winning ways. We may never know how many titles he would have won had he been invited to compete in the mid-80s, but “Kaz” was still inducted as one of only four men in the “World’s Strongest Man Hall of Fame.”

2. Mariusz Pudzianowski

Strongest Man In The World

Mariusz Pudzianowski is the only five-time champion in the history of the World’s Strongest Man competition. That alone solidifies his right to sit near the top of this list. But his larger statistics are, perhaps, even more impressive. Pudzianowski won an amazing 42 of 59 various strongman events/competitions over his career and was a near-unanimous selection for the WSM hall of fame. At only 6’1” and 285 pounds, this Polish strongman is one of the smaller champions, but his size certainly didn’t impact his pure strength. He currently competes in the world of MMA with a fair level of success.

1. Zydrunas Savickas

Strongest Man In The World

“Big Z’ as he is know to fans is truly a modern legend in the making. This Lithuanian born competitor has competed 10 times for the World’s Strongest Man including the last seven consecutive years. He is a four-time champion, most recently in 2014, and a 14-time champion of the Lithuanian strongest man competition. Big Z has never finished outside of the top 3 at the WSM competition, which is no surprise given his incredibly lifting personal bests. He boasts a bench press over 600 pounds and a deadlift of nearly 900 pounds! He is still in his prime and could easily take his fifth title in 2016.